Productivity. Insights. Safety. Cat® Construction Technology

Cat Construction Technology enhances productivity for both your machinery and operators. It boosts efficiency, conserves fuel, and lowers operating expenses throughout your fleet.

These technologies not only increases daily productivity but also offers a return on investment over time. Telematics data from Cat machines provides deeper operational insights, while onboard construction technologies aid in achieving grading goals more swiftly, ensures accurate payload management, and enhances overall safety.

The technology and services from Cat grant you the competitive advantage essential for achieving success.

Improving Jobsite Operations

Cat Compact

Cat Technology - Compact

Cat Compact technologies give compactor operators instant, in-the-cab feedback. Operators can see precisely how much area they still have left to cover.

At end of the shift, the system provides accurate compaction and coverage data, so you can prove that the job is done right and completed to spec.

Cat Assist

Cat Technology - Assist

Cat Assist is a set of easy-to-use on-board technologies designed for better productivity at lower costs. It is also designed to allow operators of all experience levels to dig, load and grade with more confidence, speed and accuracy.

Cat Assist is available on Cat Excavators, Motor Graders, Dozers and Wheel Loaders.

Cat Grade

Cat Technology - Grade

Site grading, foundation excavation, and asphalt laying require high level of precision and speed to ensure productivity.

Sophisticated guidance from Cat Grade helps you to achieve precise grading objectives more quickly and in fewer attempts. This efficiency can lead to a grading productivity increase of up to 50%.

Available for excavators, motor graders, dozers, scrapers and pavers.

Cat Payload

Cat Technology - Payload

When loading materials, you need to know three things: what got loaded where, how much went on each truck, and where it went from there.

Cat Payload technology not only provides these information, it also tracks this data over time At the same time, loader operators knows the loading the correct amount on the first attempt, consistently.

Available for excavators, articulated trucks, wheel loaders and scrapers.

Equipment Management


Cat Technology - VisionLink

VisionLink is an equipment management solution that provides essential insights on your equipment health, condition, performance and location, enabling you to make informed decisions regardless of the size of your fleet.

It works with Cat Product Link™, allowing you to improve fuel efficiency, minimize idle time, and be notified of critical alerts to maximize uptime and the performance of your assets.

VisionLink® Productivity

Cat Technology - Productivity

VisionLink Productivity extends the capabilities of VisionLink by combining in-depth production measurement, such as equipment payload data, with site data to maximize jobsite efficiency.

This comprehensive tool delivers timely data and intelligent analytics to create a complete picture of your fleet’s productivity and performance on the jobsite.


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