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Save up to S$20k with Cat® 320GX!

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What is Cat® 320 GX?

Do you feel that there is low productivity rate and high fuel costs? Well, fret not!

With Caterpillar’s new economy model launched in 2021, the Cat® 320GX hydraulic excavator is designed to give you a fast return on your equipment investment.

Designed with synchronized engine, improved electrohydraulic systems and various power modes to help you reduce your fuel costs. One of the power mode, Smart Mode, automatically adjusts your engine speed according to the requirements – if your excavator is on idle mode, the engine speed will slow down. In a long run, you can enjoy reduced fuel costs with high productivity rate.

The Cat 320GX is powered by a Cat 4.4 Tier 3 Engine, equipped with a 5.7m boom, 2.7m stick, and a 0.9m3 bucket.


Case Study Background

We conducted a study in early 2022 comparing Cat 320GX to another excavator model, Y, over 30 days. Both machines operated for 6 days in a week, and ran an average of 10.7 hours per day. The excavators performed general earthmoving works such trenching, backfilling, compaction, and General Grading at job site in Singapore.  

Cat 320GX worked a total of 261 hours with an idle time of 62 hours. The operating data of Cat 320GX was recorded via Cat Link. Cat Link is a telematics system by Cat that automatically collects data of engine operations and fuel consumption easily. While we were not able to collect data of Excavator Y, based on the feedback from operators, we understood that Excavator Y has a similar operating profile like the Cat 320GX.


Cat 320GX Fuel Operating ProfileFindings

Based on the data, we noted that Cat 320GX saved an average of 2.7L of fuel per hour and consume 27L less fuel each day  compared to Excavator Y.


Fuel Consumption


Cat 320GX

Excavator Y

Total no. of Operating Hours per Day



Average Fuel Consumption (L/hr)



Average Fuel Consumption over 30 days



Total fuel saved in 30 days with Cat 320GX




Additional savings with the Fuel Guarantee Programme

The next generation of Cat excavators (Cat 320GX included) are designed to be more fuel efficient hence reducing your operating cost. To increase your confidence, Cat offers equipment owners the Fuel Guarantee Programme if your equipment clocks more than the threshold, Cat will pay the difference. Find out more here. 

Cat 320GX Parts Credit

With our earlier assumption and Cat 320GX having a fuel guarantee at 11L/hr for 2 years, your Parts Credit Value will amount to [(12-11)x 5000]x S$1.00 = $5,000

This is good news for you!


Saving S$20K of fuel over 2 years!

It’s possible?

Yes this is possible. We assume that the excavator will operate about 5000 hours over 2 years. With an assumed diesel price of about S$1.50/L, we can expect to save up around S$20k worth of fuel!


Fuel Cost & Saving


Cat 320GX

Excavator Y

Average fuel consumption per hour (L/hr)



Total fuel burnt in 5,000 hours over 2 years



Fuel cost at S$1.50 per Litre



Fuel saving over 2 years of operation

S$110,625 - S$90,000=

*Parts credit claim from Fuel Guarantee Programme


Total cost saving

S$20,625 + S$5,000 (parts credit) = 


Based on our study, we can see that there is a significant amount of over S$20,000 fuel saved over 2 years. With the Fuel Guarantee Programme, it gives you an additional claim of S$5,000 for the 2 years, adding up to a total to S$25,625.



The Cat 320GX is designed with synchronized engine, improved electrohydraulic systems and various power modes. All these new technologies and features, the Cat 320GX will potentially help our customer save up to 810L of fuel and up to S$20K worth of fuel over 2 years of operations.

Learn more about Cat 320GX other benefits here!