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Power Systems Extended Service Coverage (ESC) & the Benefits

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What is Power Systems Extended Service Coverage (ESC)?

What are some concerns that you have when buying a new power generator set?

One of the top concerns that came up during our conversations with customers is the lack of warranty support once the standard warranty expires after 1 year of purchase.

To tackle that, Caterpillar has come up with a set of extended warranty coverage plan called the Extended Service Coverage or ESC for power generator sets. The ESC is valid for all Cat power generator sets purchased from the respective local dealer and operating within the dealer's territory. (Example: If you are buying the power generator set from Tractors Singapore and you want to export to other countries, we will not be able to give you the right coverage.) The ESC is also valid for certain types of Used and Overhauled standby generator sets, with a slightly varied set of terms & conditions.

But what is ESC and how does it work?

#1: ESC covers beyond the standard warranty period

All new Caterpillar power generator set comes with a standard 1 year warranty period, starting from the delivery date. During these 12 months, you can be rest assured that Tractors Singapore will be here for you to provide the required support for your generator sets.

But what happens when your generator set reaches 2 years old and beyond?

When you sign the ESC for your generator set, we will continue to provide you with the protection you need for the next 1-4 years, depending on the duration of the plan you signed for.

Extended ESCs provides coverage for varying durations:

New ESC:

  • Coverage for power standby generator sets is available in 36- to 120- month terms, in 12-month increments, if purchased before the end of your original factory warranty

Advantage ESC:

  • Coverage is available after the end of the original factory warranty in 12- to 180-month terms, in 12-month increments, and before the first overhaul. Your standby generator set is eligible if:

> It’s less than four years from delivery date and accumulated less than 3,000 hours total use since new, OR

> It’s less than 10 years from build date AND currently enrolled in New ESC or Advantage ESC, OR

> It’s less than 10 years from build date AND currently covered by an authorized Cat dealer Customer Support Agreement (CSA), OR

> It passes a qualifying inspection performed by an authorized Cat dealer in accordance with the Advantage Certification Inspection Worksheet.

Overhauled ESC:

  • Coverage is available in 12- to 60- month terms, in 12-month increments. Your standby generator set is eligible once a qualifying overhaul has been completed by an authorized Cat dealer in accordance with the Overhaul ESC Checklist.

Now you can continue to enjoy worry free operations without any disruptions!


#2: Genuine Cat Parts

When your generator set is protected under ESC, your generator set will be serviced with genuine Cat Parts. This ensures that your generator set has the optimum durability and reliability, with longer hours operating, and provide you with better performance at your job site.

The replacements will also be done by our Cat certified technicians.


#3: Well-covered Protection

So your last question might be, what does it really protect?

ESC is designed to cover major components of the generator set that has higher chance to encounter bugs or defects. Like purchasing insurance for yourself, there are various tiers designed to suit your machine type and preferred coverage.

For ESC, there are 3 tiers – Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can choose the coverage according to your needs and budget. (Click on the image to download the full brochure.)

Cat Power Generator ESC


There are many benefits of subscribing to the Power Systems Extended Service Coverage (ESC) such as covering beyond your standard warranty period and many more. Still have more questions? No worries, just drop us a note to understand more.