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Faster Payback with 320GX – 4 ways how this is achieved

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Since the launch of the Cat Next Generation Hydraulic Excavators in 2017, Cat has continued to expand its product offerings to meet the requirements of customers at job sites. The first 2 series in the Next Generation Hydraulic Excavator were the Standard series and the GC series. Over the last 4 years, they have proved to be an indispensable workhorse at jobsites around Singapore.

To expand its product range, Cat has designed a whole new series of excavator – the GX series. The GX series was designed with the primary focus of “Faster Payback” while maintaining “High Productivity”. Customers can expect a lower acquisition costs and yet still enjoy the high productivity and durability of a Cat manufactured excavator. The first of the GX series to be launched in Singapore is the 320GX

While the acquisition costs has been lowered, it doesn’t mean that the design and technology of the excavator has been compromised. Instead, there are 4 new designs and technologies added to help you earn your faster payback and maintain the high productivity.

#1: Low Fuel Consumption

The 320GX is designed to consume 15% less fuel compared to the Cat 320D2 GC model. The 320GX runs on a C4.4 engine (4.4L displacement) and an electrohydraulic system.

With a slightly smaller engine, the 320GX consumes less fuel compared to Cat 320D2 GC. Despite a smaller engine, rest assure that the productivity of the 320GX is still maintained at the same level as 320GC.

320GX Fuel Consumption

Illustration on how much fuel can be saved with a 320GX


This can be easily achieved as the 320GX has a new power mode called the Smart Mode.

Most of us will be familiar with the traditional way of managing an engine – operators can set the engine to run at a certain RPM. The engine will run at that speed throughout the operation or until the operator makes another adjustment.

However, we know that no excavators actually work at full power 100% of the time. In fact, about 20-25% of the time is spent idling or doing work that do not require high engine speed. This means that you could have saved 20% (or more) of these fuel!

Here's where the Smart Mode comes in useful. The Smart Mode automatically adjusts the engine speed of the operations at that point – much like a hybrid car. In turn, the engine will automatically adjust the fuel requirements, so that less fuel is consumed when the excavator is idling or just moving from point A to point B without load. Now, you can achieve more productivity with less fuel overall.

#2 – Lower Maintenance Costs

The 320GX has been designed to lower your maintenance by up to 20% (compared to 320D2 GC). There are many new features designed into the 320GX that will help to reduce the maintenance cost.

One of the main feature is the extended service interval. The 320GX has extended service intervals for some of the oil and fuel filters. In fact, some filters have twice the service interval compared to 320D2 GC.

320GX Maintenance Interval

Another is the air filter. The air filter now has a pre-filter which has double the holding capacity. There is no need to change the primary and secondary air filters as often, and more importantly, your engine can last longer at dusty job sites.

The hydraulic system has also been upgraded to an electrohydraulic system. There will be less hoses to service & maintain throughout the lifespan of the 320GX.

#3 Improved durability

Everyone wants a machine that can save costs and yet still last as you would like them to. The 320GX is designed to give you both things that you wished for.

There are 3 main designs that improve the durability of the 320GX (and many more actually).

The first is the auto-warm function for the hydraulic oil. It helps to prevent the pre-mature wear of hydraulic components and more importantly, it extends the service life of the hydraulic system and excavator.

The second is the boom and stick. The boom’s strength has been increased with additional 2 internal baffle plates. The stick also has a wider cylinder bracket. These 2 designs help to reduce the stress on the boom and stick. Your excavator can last longer at job site and require less maintenance, increasing your productivity of the 320GX.

The third is a bigger slew bearing. A bigger slew bearing gives the 320GX more stability during operations. This also provides more durability of the 320GX in the long run.


320GX Slew Bearing

Bigger slew bearing in 320GX

#4 Asset Management

What stands Cat machines apart from other equipment makers is the Cat asset management tool – Product Link™.

Product Link™ automatically collects data like maintenance alerts, machine location, and fuel consumption of your 320GX. These data will be uploaded onto the VisionLinkTM  or our dedicated customer portal - my.tractors.sg where you can analyse the data collected. With this tool, you can closely monitor your equipment to make sure that you are able to fully utilize all your equipment. With a maximized fleet, you will definitely get a faster payback on your investment.

VisionLink 02

Screenshot of data seen in my.tractors.sg


BONUS: Fuel Guarantee Programme

When you purchase a brand new 320GX, your new 320GX is eligible to participate in Cat’s fuel guarantee programme.

As the programme describes, it guarantees that your 320GX’s fuel consumption does not exceed a certain litres per hour. For 320GX in Singapore, it is set at an average of 11L/hr. (Each country or area will have their own fuel consumption benchmark)

When you participate in the fuel guarantee programme, you just need to keep the ProductLink active when your 320GX is in operations. On a quarterly basis, Tractors Singapore (or your dealer) will take a look your fuel consumption data and calculate the average fuel consumption in that quarter. If the average fuel consumption exceeds the threshold of 11L/hr (for 320GX), we will pay you the difference (terms & condition applies).

This is how confident we are that the 320GX consumes much less fuel that the older excavator models. You can definitely achieve more with lower overall operating costs!

Find out more about the Fuel Guarantee Programme here


We believe that the 320GX is a revolutionary excavator design that gives you fastest payback and also the highest quality features and benefits of a Cat Machine.

Find out more about 320GX in greater detail in the product page