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What'ya Talking about?: Changing Languages

19 Oct 2021 Hits: 1614


The touch screen installed in the Cat Next Generation Excavators have been upgraded to include all the productivity settings and features. All these settings & features can be directly modified with just a few touches on the touch screen panel in the excavators. 

You may worry. "my operators might even be good in English. How are they going to maximise all these new features?"


Yes, this is a potential problem in Singapore and many Asian countries where most of our operators are not English speaking. 


Well, this problem can easily be solved by a simple step of changing the language displayed on the touch screen. Cat has designed it to make it as simple as possible - much like changing the language on any mobile devices. 


Watch this video below to learn how.




This change is available in the following Cat Excavator models:

Small Excavator: 313D2 GC

Medium Excavators: 320, 320GC330GC

Large Excavators: 336, 336GC345GC374F L, 395