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Fuel Guarantee Programme

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Updated with 2022 details.

The next generation of Cat excavators and wheel loaders are designed to be more fuel efficient, and help you to reduce your operating cost. 

Really?  You might ask.

I don't believe. Well, no worries, trying is always believing. 



If your equipment clocks more than the threshold, We will pay the difference - Simple and Straightforward.

Cat Guarantee Programme


So here's how to benefit from this programme:

Step 1: Buy the latest new machines

The newer model of Cat machines (Excavator & Wheel Loaders) are designed with new technologies to reduce fuel consumption. This will ensure you reap the most benefits.

Step 2: Sign the Terms & Conditions form

A simple form for you to understand what you are in for! 

Step 3: Start using your machine!

Dig away!

Step 4: View consumption on My.Cat.Com

In My.Cat.Com, you will be able to see your unit's fuel consumption on a daily basis. The portal will also show you what is your machine's activities - how many hours it is working or idling, and the hourly fuel consumption.

Step 5: Quarterly review

If your machine exceeds the fuel consumption threshold, we will send you a letter indicating how many litres you have exceeded. This will take the average hourly consumption over every quarter.

Step 6: Receive Parts Credit

We will send you a parts credit note letter that you can use in your next parts purchase with TSL.

Here's how it is calculated

Parts Credit Received = [(Average fuel consumed for the quarter (L/Hr) - Cat's Fuel Consumption Threshold (L/Hr)) x # of operating hours (include idling hours) ] x S$1 / Litre

So for example, Company A owes a new Cat 320GC and operated for 528 hours at an average fuel consumption of 13L/hr for the quarter. The Fuel Consumption Threshold for Cat 320GC is 11L/hr.

Therefore, the amount of Parts Credit that Company A will receive:

(13-11)L/Hr x 528 hours = $1,056 Parts Credit with TSL

Step 7: Continue to use the machine and reap the fuel savings benefit!

This Fuel Guarantee Programme is valid of the first year of the machine purchase. For Cat 320 and Cat 320GC, this programme is valid for 2 years from purchase. 


Try a new Cat machine today to experience the cost saving benefit!


Here is the list of models that are eligible for the fuel guarantee programme in TSL!

Excavator: 320GC, 320, 320GX, 336GC, 336, 345GC, 352

Wheel Loader: 950GC, 950L, 966GC, 966H, 972, 980

(Please note that the fuel guarantee amount varies from dealer to dealer around the world.)

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